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Konnect: Keynote | Leading Risk

Jim Wetekamp kicks of Konnect 2021 with a call for risk professionals to seize the opportunities presented over the past 18 months and elevate risk like never before. This is your time to help your organization answer the question most asked by leaders today:
How at risk are you?

Keynote: Rethinking Enterprise Risk Management in the Wake of COVID

The pandemic has been the most disruptive event in modern memory, exposing both weaknesses and opportunities for managing risk in the future. Noted ERM teacher, consultant, and author Rob Quail will discuss the opportunities for senior executives and risk management professionals to re-examine how the organization deals with uncertainty. You’ll learn:

  • What this experience has shown us about how organizations understand, manage, and exploit risk
  • What gaps in ERM processes and tools were revealed
  • How to apply insights gained to make better decisions

Keynote: The Remote Working Environment – New Risks, New Rewards, New Pitfalls

Now that a remote work environment is here to stay, what new risks are organizations facing? Organizations all over the world are making dramatic changes to their strategies, the way they do business, and the way they interact with employees. How will these changes impact risk activities?

Keynote: The Top Risks for 2021 and Beyond: The Future May Arrive Sooner Than You Think

The uncertainties facing business leaders around the globe is overwhelming. Organizations are still dealing with the aftermath of COVID-19 – and there is a plethora of other risks on the horizon, such as social unrest, economic uncertainty, the digital transformation, talent shortages, and the ongoing quest for organizational resiliency. This is no time to sit back and relax. Have you developed a plan to deal with all that’s headed your way? This session will discuss:

  • How to prepare for the next decade by embracing mega-trends
  • What the future of work means for the future of your organization
  • How to build organizational resilience and an innovative culture
  • How to deal with the ever-increasing need for stronger cybersecurity
  • What to do about endless regulatory changes

Keynote: Corporate Integrity: ESG, Ethics, Risks & Compliance Defining a New Era of GRC

Organizations are defined by their values and ethics. In a new era of ESG – environmental, social, and governance – companies are restructuring their ethics and compliance programs to focus on integrity. Addressing these new integrity risks requires organizations to take a fresh look at their risk management program and practices to ensure they remain true to their values.

Keynote: All-Star Spotlight: A Journey into Risk Management

Risk professionals have been thrust into the spotlight like never before, thanks to the pandemic and the ensuing fallout. They now have the rapt attention of leadership hungry for actionable, real-time data to guide decisions. At Riskonnect, we think this newfound attention is long overdue – and we are honored and proud to be part of the journey.

This session will feature a few of the Risk All-Stars in the Riskonnect community. You’ll hear about their – often winding – paths into risk management, the challenges they’ve faced, and their advice to others.

Keynote: Health is Everything: A Practical Look at Riskonnect’s Customer Health Program

Nothing is more important than health – and that extends to the health of Riskonnect’s relationship with you. John Shaw, SVP of customer success will explain the Riskonnect Customer Health Program, and select members of our Customer Advisory Board will share their experiences and what the program means to their organizations.

Keynote: The World of 2030

The trends and technologies that will reshape the next decade, and what it means for your customers, your people, and your business.

Konnect Breakout Sessions

Breakout: Speeding to the Future: How Analytics Could Change Your World

Advances in analytics continue to develop, opening up new possibilities for gaining insight. While in the past, the goal was to harvest data about what already happened, the future is about predicting learnings from the information at hand.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How will advances analytics impact the risk industry?
  • What are the possibilities of visualization, predictive analytics, virtual assistants, and more?
  • What’s on the analytics radar for Riskonnect?

Breakout: Healthcare ERM or IRM: What’s the Difference and Why It Matters

Healthcare provider organizations have been evaluating and implementing Enterprise Risk Management programs for nearly a decade, with varying degrees of success. This session will explore the concept of Integrated Risk Management, how that compares to ERM — and whether a name change could improve adoption and overall performance.

Breakout: Road to Recovery through Risk Management Transformation

The fast-moving, global reach of the pandemic accelerated the digital transformation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness and build a resilient organization for the future. As executives increase their focus on risk management as a core competency, many see the need for better data and information to take more effective action on an ever-evolving inventory of risks. Unfortunately, the lack of connected risk data and the danger of managing risk in silos has been brought into sharp focus. The only way to see, manage, and control risk intelligently is through an enterprise-wide lens. In the session, you will learn how other organizations have leveraged technology to automate processes, enhance monitoring, optimize reporting, and work collaboratively across the organization for better results.

The session will include discussions on:

  • What did we learn
  • What was positive
  • What changes you thought were temporary but have become

Breakout: How Discount Tire Uses Riskonnect to Keep Up with Constant Change

Are you ready to expand your Riskonnect capabilities? Keeping up with rapid change requires smooth development and implementation of system enhancements. Discount Tire will share its best practices for accommodating ever-changing risk demands, from internal planning and system enhancements through implementation.

Breakout: APIs: What You Need to Know to Get Started

A treasure trove of data is out there, ready and waiting to add depth and insight to your risk analysis. This session will demonstrate how to connect valuable third-party data sources to your own risk management system to bring deeper intelligence to your decision-making process. You’ll learn about:

  • Real-time, near real-time, and batch mode data synchronization
  • Basic standard services
  • Riskonnect internal APIs and practical applications
  • Custom APIs

Breakout: Healthcare IRM From the Ground Up

Rush University System for Health is using the Riskonnect platform as the foundation of a ground-up effort to create a true Integrated Risk Management structure. Learn how they’re solving the challenges typically faced by healthcare Enterprise Risk Management efforts.

Breakout: Beyond the Recovery Plan: How to Apply Resilience Thinking to Traditional Business Continuity Management

Business continuity management has evolved far beyond simply creating a recovery plan for every function and calling it a day. While that’s still important, BCM now is more about taking a holistic approach based on real resilience concepts to reduce the impact of critical situations and continue to function for customers.

Keeping your customer at the forefront when developing your approach is key. Keep in mind that customers don’t need to know your org chart or other behind-the-scenes workings. They simply want you to deliver your goods and/or services as promised.

Breakout: Less is More: Simplify GRC for Happier Users

Are your users overwhelmed by complex layouts and the sheer volume of your GRC process data points? GRC doesn’t need to be complicated. This session will show you how to simplify your processes to accelerate adoption and increase user satisfaction.

You’ll learn about:

  • The value of a simplified end-user experience
  • The Riskonnect functionality (workflows, dashboards, calculated fields, reports etc.) that can be used to simplify the end-user experience

Breakout: CMS Section 111 Reporting and Automation & MSP Compliance Updates

Your own viability rests on the financial health of your vendors, contractors, and other third-party suppliers. This session will provide an overview of what’s new in CMS Section 111 Mandatory Insurer Reporting Updates and will:

  • Explain MSP (Medicare Secondary Payer) updates, including the new PAID Act requirements and accommodations
  • How Riskconnect and Examworks will support the PAID act information access
  • Demonstrate new features in ClearSight that:
  • Use the new CMS validations API to get real-time edits and updates from Examworks.
  • Automate CMS events and actions expansion for workflow improvements and accuracy.
  • Describe how to automate CMS workflows.

Breakout: Healthcare: Improving Performance Improvement

To get the most out of your incident reporting system, you must be able to effectively assign, manage, and monitor corrective actions.

In this session, healthcare clinician and safety/quality expert Paul Bricker, RPh, MBA, will explain how to leverage the power of the Riskonnect Healthcare platform to:

  • Aggregate and trend investigation findings and associated interventions.
  • Automate the assignment and management of corrective actions with owners.
  • Set improvement goals and easily monitor achievement through analytics-based alerts.
  • Assess the efficacy and sustainability of corrections in real time.

Breakout: Strengthen Your Connection Between Risk, Strategy, and Ethics

Strategy and uncertainty are inseparably intertwined. Indeed, most strategy-setting exercises explicitly discuss uncertain opportunities and threats.

What is less established is the connection between risk-taking and corporate ethics. Stakeholders, however, increasingly expect transparent adherence to espoused ethical values in pursuit of strategy.

In this session, noted author and ERM pioneer Rob Quail will explore ways for executive leadership to link these three elements to satisfy stakeholder demands for both transparency and performance.

Breakout: Ready, Set, Automate – Developing Workflow Efficiencies

Are you using time-consuming manual processes to maintain your Riskonnect data? Do you wish the system would just do a task for you? Do you hate computer code? This session will provide an overview of the powerful automation tools available in the Riskonnect Platform. (No coding needed!)

You’ll learn about:

  • Check request approval through approval processes
  • Automatic confirmation emails with process builder
  • Systematic record updates with record-triggered flows
  • Simplified user-record updates with screen flows

Additional Resources:

Breakout: Ambulatory Care

See how Riskonnect is meeting the needs of this fast-growing segment of the healthcare continuum.

Breakout: Cybersecurity for the CRO: How to Partner with the CISO – and Why That’s Important

No matter what your industry, technology is what keeps the business running. With your organization’s very survival hanging in the balance, a data breach or ransomware attack can no longer be defined simply as IT issues. Cybersecurity needs to be a risk management priority.

This session, presented by Riskonnect partner Vistrada, is designed to help non-IT experts understand the nuances of cybersecurity to better protect the business. You’ll learn:

  • How to filter the right information from cyber scans and reviews
  • How to translate technical cybersecurity information for noncyber executives
  • How to ensure meaningful information gets to the CRO and the rest of the C-suite for action

Breakout: How to Run a Risk Workshop

Risk workshops can be a powerful tool for risk managers. This is a prime way to gather risk-related data from experts, educate others on risk management techniques, facilitate risk-based decision-making, and build general support for risk management. In this session, noted industry expert Rob Quail will present a proven, step-by-step process for planning and facilitating risk workshops.

Breakout: Do You Have a Risk Champion in Your Corner? Now is the Time to Welcome Risk Representation to the C-Suite

Disruptions across the world are spurring changes in risk oversight and leading many organizations to think long and hard about adding a chief risk officer. Pandemics aside, the increasing sophistication of third-party risks and uninsurable risks like reputation pose a threat to business operations, performance, and growth. CROs have the expertise and vantage point to see risk holistically across the organization. And they have the clout to advise the rest of the C-suite about the strategic impact of insurable and noninsurable threats — and what to do about it. In this session, you’ll learn about three distinct ways CROs add value:

  • Bring big-picture thinking
  • Smash siloes
  • Ingrain risk culture