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Insurance Policy Management

Insurance Policy Management allows you to track insurance policy information that can be used for all of your policy monitoring and reporting needs. Whether it is tracking a policy register, detailing out quota share programs, or even complex layered structures for excess/umbrella coverage, it is possible with this module.

Policy-Management--insights dashboard on leading edge ERM software

Effectively Track Insurance Policy Information


  • On a policy record, users can record all relevant details such as:
    • Policy date, coverage, carrier, carrier ratings (with optional add-on feature), broker, pro-rata share, aggregate & occurrence limits, and deductibles.
    • Renew a policy
      • The renew policy button copies the Policy, Policy section, and Policy subsections from the policy being renewed and rolls the dates forward by one year. All information can then be reviewed and updated.
  • Once a policy is created, the policy, section, or sub-section can be linked to claims for reporting needs.
  • Create Policy Maps:
    • Reports and dashboards
    • Attach documentation such as policies or premium invoices
Policy-management document on leading edge RMIS
Benefits of an advanced risk management solution


  • Easy reports and analytics
  • Defined performance metrics
  • Calculating cost risk management program benefits
  • Transparency and responsiveness to senior management

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