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How long would it take you to answer
a basic question about your insurance coverage?

Answering even simple questions about coverage can be difficult and time-consuming if the information is buried in paper files or stored with a broker. And the more brokers, carriers, claims, and policies you have, the harder it is to keep track of insurance coverage on all exposures or verify coverage when an event happens.

Better Analysis, Deeper Insight

Riskonnect’s Insurance Management software provides a quick and easy way to manage your policies from all carriers and brokers to give you better analysis, deeper insight – and ultimately reduce your Total Cost of Risk.


  • Consolidates insurance policies across all brokers and carriers into a single location.
  • Filters by expiring policies, policies in effect, policies with active claims, historical policies, future policies, and more.
  • Shows policy currency in local terms and converts it to a currency common for all policies.
  • Provides insight into counterparty risk and more.


  • Consolidates policies across all brokers and carriers for a global view of all programs.
  • Reveals duplications or gaps in coverage.
  • Offers insight into program effectiveness through advanced premium analytics and loss runs by carrier, line of business, and time period.
  • Automatically converts local currency to a currency common for all policies.
  • Effortlessly builds complex program graphics, including filters such as line-of-coverage, perils, brokers, carriers, layers, and locations.


  • Monitors how claims and corresponding paid transactions are eroding aggregates and policy limits.
  • Uses time-stamped transaction records to show which transactions breached a program layer or met a policy aggregate.
  • Provides summary-level results at the program and policy levels to highlight what has been eroded and how much of an existing aggregate remains.
  • Alerts key stakeholders and carriers when a policy has met an individual limit or claim has met the overall aggregate.
  • Breaks down limits, deductibles, retentions, and premiums by carrier and coverage.
  • Compares year-over-year policy performance by carrier responsibilities and company responsibilities.
  • Shows historical insurance program performance down to individual limits and deductibles.
RMIS Buyers Guide

Risk Management Information Systems:

The Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are purchasing a RMIS for the first time, replacing a homegrown system, or upgrading outdated technology, our Buyer’s Guide offers valuable insight to help you make a wise choice.

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