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Patient Event Reporting

Low rates of voluntary patient event reporting deprive organizations of the intelligence needed to reduce the frequency of actual events and the severity of those that do occur. The best patient safety learning opportunities (and those with the least risk) — near misses/good catches and unsafe conditions — are often those that are reported least.

Patient Event Reporting Insights, patient satisfaction

Enhanced Patient Event Reporting Capabilities


  • Visual, icon-driven safety event portal for front line staff provides easy entry of events, near misses/good catches and unsafe conditions
  • Safety event taxonomy for patients and visitors that is robust and configurable
  • Accommodates anonymous or identified reporting or both
  • Automated patient, provider and drug formulary look-ups
  • Physicians can dictate events into the system
  • Images and other documents can easily be associated with an event
  • Triggered notifications and task assignments with reminders and escalation
  • HIPAA risk assessment and breach notification capabilities
  • Manage peer review and FPPE cases within the system
Patient-event-reporting module on Riskonnect ERM solution


  • Improve overall reporting rates — particularly for traditionally underreported near misses and unsafe conditions
  • Improve reporting by physicians and other diagnosing providers
  • Improve accessibility of reporting to front line staff and patients through mobile technology
  • Improve event triage and response time
  • Improve HIPAA compliance with more effective privacy event management
  • Provide specific and relevant feedback on reporting trends and safety improvement actions taken to reporting staff, closing the feedback loop and making them feel more engaged in safety improvement efforts
  • Manage patient and visitor safety events more effectively and in less time

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