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Issues Management

Almost inevitably, when there is any form of review, there are findings or issues that need to be remediated. Issues management provides a fully auditable process from the initial finding to the completion of tasks and, if required, the attestation by the relevant authority that the issue has been resolved appropriately.

Riskonnect Issues Management


  • Completely configurable to client requirements
  • No limitation on type of issues to be managed
  • Historical trending of issues
  • Reports and dashboards that highlight problem areas, and allow drill down to the source records
  • Easy access for authorized people
Dashboards on PC & Laptop for Global Integrated Risk Management Information Solution


  • Centralized system to record,update and monitor all Issues, but security to protect access to relevant components
  • No installation required with SaaS
  • Access anywhere there is a secure internet connection
  • Updates can be managed in multiple ways, from data connections, data loads or use of interactive PDFs

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