What You Need to Know to Manage Climate Risk and ESG

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What You Need to Know to Manage Climate Risk and ESG
Wednesday, May 10 @ 1pm ET

Organizations in every industry are impacted by climate risk – from physical impacts like extreme weather, resource scarcity, and changes in consumption patterns to a growing web of ESG regulations and disclosure requirements.

Operators, insurers, and lenders are struggling to identify and manage their climate-risk exposure and operationalize ESG to drive decision making and business outcomes.
Join this session to hear ESG risk management leaders from Planet Home Lending, Slalom Consulting, and Riskonnect explain how to manage climate-risk exposure and embed ESG into your operations and supply chain.

You’ll gain insights on:

  • The accelerating regulatory environment for climate-risk management
  • Aligning your risk management capabilities to identify and manage climate-risk exposure
  • Operationalizing climate-risk management with technology solutions
  • Getting started on the process for your business and stakeholders

Christopher Joles , SVP Enterprise and Credit Risk, Planet Home Lending
Cindy Tam, Director, Global ESG, Slalom Consulting
Elliott Yama, Director, Riskonnect