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Workers’ Compensation Claim Intake

Previous System



Ameriprise has an onsite healthcare clinic where employees
can go with a potential workers’ compensation claim. The
existing claim intake process was time-consuming. The
process needed to be automated along with a need for
greater data integrity.

Featured Riskonnect Solution

Ameriprise Financial implemented the Riskonnect Workers’ Compensation solution. This solution’s features automate processes to improve incident reporting notification, routing and escalation in order to ensure efficiency and compliance.

With Riskonnect, Ameriprise Financial Experienced

  1.  Greatly improved data integrity
  2. Better employee experience
  3. Reduced amount of time spent on follow-up questions
  4. Greater employee satisfaction


The workers’ compensation claim reporting process has changed significantly with the implementation of the workers’ compensation solution, specifically, the incident intake portal.

Historically, the nurses at the clinic would 1) gather the claim information down when the employee was being evaluated; 2) input the information into the healthcare system; and 3) call the TPA to create a claim.

With the use of the Riskonnect Workers’ Compensation solution, the nurses simply enter an employee’s name and all of their pertinent information (e.g., location, supervisor) is automatically populated, which greatly improves  data integrity and leads to a better employee experience. The nurse can then enter any additional information regarding the incident (including company property, if applicable, which is based on the feed from the integrated Riskonnect Asset and Property Management solution) and submit the claim.

Once the claim has been submitted, the TPA claim system is automatically populated, again increasing the data integrity of the claims. The employee and their supervisor are automatically notified that a claim has been submitted with instructions on next steps. This has greatly reduced the amount of time spent on follow-up questions.

The ease of use by the nurses was immediately noticed. After implementation of the employee and supervisor notification, Ameriprise has also experienced greater employee satisfaction in the overall workers’ compensation process.

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