The Agile & Resilient Organization: Thinking Creatively About Risk

Enterprise and operational risk management programs are evolving to address agility and resiliency of the organization.

Risk needs to be aligned with organization strategy, performance, and objectives to enable agility. But to achieve resiliency, you also need to understand the interconnectedness and exposure of risk down in the depths of the organization. This requires that organizations change how they approach risk management, particularly in thinking creatively about risk management.

Good risk management is more than left-brain structured thinking of risk (which is still very critical). It also involves right-brain creative thinking to see and analyze the complex interrelationships of risk and how different scenarios can unfold and impact the organization. Agility is as critical as resiliency to today’s enterprise and operational risk management programs.

This webinar will provide specific insight on how to think creatively about risk management. You’ll learn how to:

  • Enable both left-brain and right-brain collaboration on risk
  • Engage the organization in creative risk thinking
  • Visualize risk to see relationships and perspectives

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