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Managing through COVID-19, Its Aftermath, and Beyond

Organizations are still dealing with the fallout from COVID-19 – and more surprises are sure to come. Those already in a weakened state from pandemic stresses may be disproportionately affected by something new. It’s important that executive leaders and risk managers raise their gaze from short-term day-to-day crisis management to see the broader risks and implications.

What actions should risk managers and executive management take to successfully manage through the remainder of this global crisis, its aftermath, and beyond?

In this webinar, Enterprise Risk Management expert Rob Quail will offer tips for mounting an effective risk management response by timeframe:

  • Immediate risks: What are our key dependencies and related risks?
  • Short-term risks: Will there be second crisis? How will we cope?
  • Medium- to long-term risks: How to apply scenario planning to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities
  • Lessons learned: How can we use this experience to improve our agility for when the next surprise hits?

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Managing through COVID-19, Its Aftermath, and Beyond

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