Accountability In Risk & Compliance: Addressing Accountability Regulations Around The World

Organizations, particularly financial services firms, are seeing a growing array of accountability regulations around the world. What started with the United Kingdom’s Senior Managers Regime & Certification Regime (UK SMCR) has globally impacted financial services firms with operations in the United Kingdom. This has further expanded into other regimes such as Australia Banking Executive Accountability Regulation (BEAR), Ireland Senior Executive Accountability Regulation (SEAR), Hong Kong Manager in Charge Regulation (MIC), and now Singapore’s stringent accountability regulation. Accountability regulations are here to stay and financial services organizations are looking how to make compliance and reporting sustainable year over year. Organizations need to take a top-down strategic approach to accountability regulations and address compliance through structured processes with a common information and technology architecture that drives efficiency, effectiveness, agility, and accountability into these processes.

In this webinar, Michael Rasmussen will share how to:

  • Identify  the common requirements, process elements, and reporting needs across these regimes
  • Understand  the nuances and differences between these regimes
  • Monitor  current and future trends in enforcement
  • Define  common processes that drive greater efficiency and effectiveness in compliance
  • Enable  compliance to be agile and accountable in a distributed and dynamic business

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