Enabling An Agile & Resilient Third-Party Relationships

Disruption, resiliency, risk . . . these all come to mind when we think of the extended enterprise of supply-chain and third-party relationships. The modern organization is not defined by brick-and-mortar walls and traditional employees but is an extended web of third-party relationships.

Organizations are no longer defined by hard and fast borders. Today’s organizations are shades of gray in nested relationships and dependencies.

As such, the organization needs to have an agile and resilient third-party risk management program. Resiliency is the ability to recover quickly from an event, while agility is the ability to see what is coming and react to avoid an event or minimize its impact. The extended enterprise needs to be both resilient and agile, which requires an integrated strategy for third-party risk across the organization.

This webinar will teach you how to:

  • Identify the web of interconnected third-party risks.
  • Manage third-party relationships to minimize risk exposure and maximize resiliency.
  • Monitor the environment to see what is developing to boost agility in third-party relationships.
  • Enable an agile and resilient third-party risk program with technology.

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Third-Party GRC/Risk: Enabling An Agile & Resilient Third-Party Relationships

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