Rx for Risk: ERM in the Healthcare Industry.

Healthcare systems today are under tremendous pressure to get it right every single time. You have to be able to immediately grasp all of your current risks, anticipate what’s around the corner, and understand what it means to the organization. And there’s no room for error.

That’s a tall order for traditional risk management where each risk is viewed individually. Old-school techniques struggle to connect the dots between insurable and noninsurable risks or make sense of the big picture. Complex risks need to be viewed collectively – and a growing number of healthcare organizations are accomplishing this with Enterprise Risk Management.

This ebook will help you understand what ERM is, why it’s worthwhile, and how to begin holistically managing risks and opportunities in a truly integrated way.

You’ll learn:

  • What is ERM?
  • ERM vs. Traditional Risk Management
  • How ERM Creates Value
  • How Technology Can Help
  • How to Build Support for ERM
  • 10 Questions to Ask a Healthcare ERM Software Vendor
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