A Focus on the Big Ideas That Move the Needle

The core components of continuity and resilience originated with well-meaning regulations that evolve over time to deliver significant business value. Today, operational resilience is no different as it continues to influence the way we think about preventing, responding, recovering, and learning from disruption. Since the first regulations were announced, we’ve seen the operational resilience value proposition continue to pick up momentum worldwide.

Join Mike Keating, RGA Reinsurance Company, and Brian Zawada, Riskonnect, as they discuss their passion for the promise of “op res”.

Key topics:

  • Why organizations all around the world in all industries are excited and realizing value in operational resilience.
  • The core operational resilience elements that increase focus, engagement, and ultimately resilience.
  • The relationship between operational resilience thinking and more traditional business continuity concepts.
  • Recommendations to get started and keep momentum.

Mike Keating – Vice President, Chief of Staff for Global Risk Services and Global Operational Resilience, RGA Reinsurance Company
Brian Zawada – VP of Strategy, Business Continuity and Resilience, Riskonnect

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