The current pandemic global crisis has exposed weaknesses in how technology is used (or not used) for the planning and execution of crisis response. Recent news reports reveal that even communications and plans between state and federal governments are taking place by email or in hastily stood-up sharing platforms.

For organizations that have integrated GRC technology capabilities, the story is different and better. Plans are readily accessible, pre-developed communications can be easily sent and receipt confirmed, and emergency controls can be swiftly implemented.

In this on-demand OCEG webinar sponsored by Riskonnect, we’ll be discussing the many ways in which GRC technology supports both planning and execution of crisis response.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify each stage of crisis readiness planning supported by GRC technology
  • Outline methods for using GRC technology to respond to and manage the crisis
  • Share examples of benefits gained by using GRC technology instead of email, document sharing and other separated systems of communication.
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