Today’s risk landscape is more crowded and uncertain than ever. New risks seem to lurk around every corner – and virtually every risk is gaining in velocity and ferocity, with no relief in sight.

Many of the tried-and-true ways of managing risk simply are not equipped to handle this new reality, leaving many organizations completely exposed to unanticipated threats coming their way. And in the world of risk, surprise is never a good thing.

If you can’t see what’s coming, how can you possibly get in front of it?

Managing risk in this new world takes an integrated approach. Integrated risk management brings into focus anything that could harm your organization, its competitive position, reputation, or strategic growth. It connects the dots between every risk – insurable and noninsurable, strategic and operational – so you can understand what you’re facing, how everything interrelates, and the cumulative impact on the organization.

With IRM, risk is no longer something only to be feared, avoided, or minimized. Risk becomes a tool to create strategic value and elevate performance.

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  • The Changing World of Risk
  • What is Integrated Risk Management?
  • Old Versus New: How Traditional and Integrated Risk Management Compare
  • Seven Advantages of an Integrated Approach
  • A Practical Look at Integrated Risk Management
  • How Integrated Risk Management Software Can Help
  • Evaluating IRM Software: A Checklist
  • Get Started on Your IRM Journey

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resource ebook - Conquering the New World of Risk with Integrated Risk Management

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