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Operational Audit

To achieve operational expectations required by organizations, the processes in place need to be reviewed to ensure they are capable of achieving these expectations. Commonly, this includes ensuring that the controls of the processes are working effectively and if not, the appropriate remedial action is being taken.

Risk Management Platform - Audit Dashboard

Succeed Operational Expectations


  • Identify and categorize objectives
  • Identify risks to objectives and related controls
  • Test effective of controls in achieving their control objectives
  • Fully documented, searchable database of all relevant activity
  • Reports and dashboards highlight outliers as well as progress towards goals
ERM: Operational audit, audit management, controls, corporate objectives, test controls
Benefits of an advanced risk management solution


  • Fully configurable to each organization’s specific requirements
  • Readily changed to meet changing objectives and processes
  • Full audit trail with graphical representation of history where appropriate
  • Easily expanded or contracted as needed
  • Self assessments can be carried out without licensed end users, enabling auditor to focus on exceptions
  • Objectives can be in hierarchies

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