The New Generation of Risk – Addressing the New Realities and Risks in 2024

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT are changing how people work and raising unforeseen business risks.

The current economic climate is creating new concerns. Ransomware, deepfakes and other sophisticated cybersecurity issues are emerging and evolving at full speed.

Are organisations’ risk management strategies evolving fast enough to keep up with this new generation of risk?

To find out, Riskonnect surveyed more than 300 risk and compliance professionals worldwide about the new threats facing organisations today and how they are revamping their risk management playbooks to navigate uncharted territory. Riskonnect’s 2023 New Generation of Risk Survey revealed that this convergence of new risks is increasing the pressure on companies to meaningfully change how they manage threats. Budgets are shifting. Risk management functions are growing. And strategies are changing.

This webinar explored the new realities and risks organisations face and learn about how the risk management function and risk strategies are evolving to meet new challenges.

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The new generation of risk _ addressing the new realities and risks in 2024

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