How to Select the Right RMIS Solution for Your Organization

Considering a new RMIS or claims system? A next-generation Risk Management Information System could be just what you need to transform risk and claims data into a strategic advantage.

Whether you are purchasing risk technology for the first time, replacing a homegrown system, or upgrading an outdated one, this webinar will help you determine how to find the best solution for you. As an added bonus, Chip Hargrave, Director, System Implementation & Support Services, will share Walmart’s real-life experience selecting the right RMIS to administer its claims.

You’ll learn:

  • What are the most important criteria to consider when evaluating a RMIS
  • How to build support for a RMIS in your organization
  • How Walmart narrowed down its options to identify the winning claims administration solution
  • What tools can assist you in the process

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RMIS software solutions how to choose

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