Integrating Risk Management, Quality, and Patient Safety

Learn how software can help you integrate your healthcare departments for improved outcomes.

Risk managers, quality managers, and safety managers all have an immediate interest in finding out what happened and fixing the problem to protect other patients from injury. However, despite having so much in common from a patient-safety perspective, these functions often operate independently, with different lines of reporting and separate systems for tracking and investigating events. Getting the right software that integrates all of these functions can have a significant impact to improving patient safety/the quality of care and new systems are making this easier than ever.

What’s in this ebook?

  • How can software integrate risk, quality, and safety
  • What is a healthcare RMIS
  • What are the key components of healthcare RMIS software
  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: How software helped streamline an investigation
  • Better together: Key advantages of integrating
  • Top 10 benefits of a healthcare RMIS
  • Eight steps to integrating risk, quality, and safety

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