Software to effectively manage risk to help you complete projects on time and on budget


Plan for successful project outcomes.
Identify, analyze, control, monitor, mitigate and report on risk across silos.

Remove uncertainty from your projects.
Prioritize risk-mitigation activities through powerful quantitative risk analysis.

Keep your projects on budget.
Forecast cost impacts and manage contingency funds across projects and programs.

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Instantly access key information, due dates, and risks that require your immediate attention.

  • Create personalized dashboards that provide a visual overview of your projects and potential risks to inform decision-making.
  • Drill down directly into records and make changes immediately.
  • Combine chart, table, and calendar widgets to visualize risk data in a way that is insightful and meaningful to those on the frontline, in project management, and on the board.

Bow-Tie Risk Analysis Tools

Identify causes and consequences, along with preventive and reactive controls, to reduce the likelihood and impact of a central event occurring.

  • Collaboratively capture risks and mitigating controls, along with threats, recovery strategies, and consequences to visually represent the full risk story.
  • Quickly identify and prioritize critical controls that apply to multiple risks.
  • Create a bow-tie library and modify existing bow ties for new projects.
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Schedule and Cost Impact Analysis Tools

Use Monte Carlo analysis to quantify the likely project cost and time to completion.

  • Produce risk-adjusted Gantt charts to display where risk and uncertainty are impacting the schedule – and drill in to inspect the mitigating actions necessary to keep the project on track.
  • Save the results of each analysis so that they can be easily revisited and shared across the organization.
  • Use impact analysis to more effectively evaluate contingency budget levels, mitigation strategies, and the use of resources across enterprise projects.

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