Understand the impact of all of your risks across the organisation so you can better capitalise on opportunities.

Take Charge of Risk Across Your Enterprise

When it comes to risk, what you don’t know can hurt you.

Riskonnect’s Enterprise Risk Management software helps you anticipate, assess, mitigate, and monitor every form of risk from every corner of the organisation.

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Gain a New Perspective on Risk

The software brings together all risk-related data into one place for a complete view of your risks, how they relate, and the cumulative impact on the organization.

Riskonnect ERM maps risks to visually show how they interrelate


  • Consolidates all risk-related information in one, easily accessible place.
  • Tracks the status of risk assessments and notes changes to key indicators.
  • Maps risks to visually show how they interrelate.


  • Streamlines workflows, which frees up time for more strategic tasks.
  • Shows the magnitude of each risk so you can focus your response.
  • Sends automatic alerts when a risk indicator has crossed the threshold of acceptability.
ERM solutions consolidate risk-related data into one place for a complete view


  • Empowers the C-suite to make effective decisions about risk and opportunity.
  • Involves people at all levels and functions – and assigns responsibility and accountability for identifying and managing risk in everyday work.
  • Establishes a common risk language throughout the organisation.
  • Includes a range of prebuilt reports – which can be easily customised with a drag-and-drop report builder.
  • Automatically sends alerts and reports to keep stakeholders informed and involved.

Riskonnect’s ERM solution helps you apply a structured, proactive, and continuous process across the organisation to better understand your risk landscape – and make intelligent decisions to effectively capitalise on opportunities.


Communicates risk status – including customisable KRIs and KPIs – quickly and effectively through highly visual dashboards.

Heat Maps

Displays a visual representation of your assessed risks so you can effectively communicate to your organisation which risks are of most – and least – concern.

Risk Assessments

Collects critical business information to uncover new opportunities and help you better understand your current risk universe.

Risk Hierarchy

Organises risks by category, location, business unit – or a custom configuration to suit your business needs

Risk Register

Scores and ranks all of your risks from a central repository so they can be easily shared with other business groups, such as internal auditors.

Reporting & Analytics

Combines powerful analytics with intuitive and flexible report design tools to help you make better decisions around your risk data.


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Are you actively starting an RFP process for a GRC solution? Kick things off with Riskonnect’s list of the most critical GRC-related questions. This downloadable spreadsheet can be easily modified to suit your needs.


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