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Riskonnect’s claims management software streamlines the claims process from intake to final settlement.

Track all claim details in one place. Seamlessly integrate people, systems, and data from multiple sources.

Reduce costs. Streamline workflows, automate routine tasks, and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders to shorten the claim lifecycle.

Resolve even the most complex claims quickly, easily, and fairly. Move every claim through the system with maximum efficiency.

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Product Highlights:

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Streamline, Automate, and Close Claims Faster

How much are lingering claims costing you? Riskonnect’s Claims Administration software automates tasks, reduces clicks, and adds efficiency to every step of the process to save you both time and money.

  • Attach notes, images, files, and more directly to the claim.
  • Eliminate duplicate work and improve data accuracy with survey-style intake questionnaires and automatic data validation.
  • Automatically assign adjusters based on workload and expertise.
  • Speed up response time with real-time access to critical information from the moment something happens.
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Because of our integrations and Riskonnect’s new features, we’ve been able to make the system more efficient with our claims handling, so that our adjusters can actually work on their claim instead of working the system. We’ve been able to save money and time – and litigation – because we can settle those claims quicker.

Lisa Blevins
General Liability Claims Manager
Texas Roadhouse
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Put Your Claims Data to Good Use

Are you squeezing all the intelligence possible from your claims data? Riskonnect’s Claims Administration software offers advanced reporting and analytics to help you respond faster, allocate resources better, and even prevent similar claims in the future.

  • Customize checklists, standards, workflows, and scoring methodologies according to regulatory requirements or your own best practices.
  • Use important indicators like lag time, litigation rates, average claim duration, severity, and closing ratios to determine individual performance and overall efficiency.
  • Identify potential problems – including so-called sleeper claims – for early intervention.
  • Customize dashboards to surface important details of each claim.
  • Quickly mobilize the right resources.
  • Make decisions based on data, not intuition.

Work Together – and Achieve Better Outcomes

Are claims languishing while your adjusters chase down the information they need? Riskonnect’s Claims Administration software offers real-time collaboration between internal and external parties to keep the process moving toward a speedy resolution. And that’s in everyone’s best interest.

  • Seamlessly integrate with third parties, including ISO and Official Disability guidelines.
  • See outstanding action items, approaching due dates, and expected costs.
  • Show collaborators relevant information, not necessarily the entire claim record.
  • Easily create reports using templates and dynamic workflows.
  • Automatically distribute reports to key stakeholders.
  • Streamline communications with claimants via a dedicated portal and texting services.
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book. The complete guide to claims administration software
The Complete Guide to Claims Administration Software

Whether you manage your own claims or manage claims on behalf of others, this e-book will give you the information you need to evaluate claims management software and decide what is right for you.

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