From Continuity to Resilience: Moving from Firm-Focused to Customer-Focused

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Regulators around the world are pushing financial services firms to prioritize the customer’s needs – and those of the broader market – when building resilience. Even companies with mature business continuity programs have made major changes to keep pace with regulatory expectations.

But you don’t have to be a financial services firm, nor do you have to be regulated, to realize the benefits of operational resilience.

Over the last few years, Janus Henderson has moved from best practice business continuity to a more market-oriented operational resilience approach. Join Ann Clark, Global Head of Business Resilience for Janus Henderson, and Brian Zawada, Vice President of Strategy for Riskonnect, as Ann shares her real-life experiences from this journey, including process changes, challenges, and outcomes that benefited her organization and their customers.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to engage the right stakeholders from across the organization
  • What it means to scope based on business services and set impact tolerance
  • How to shift from a firm-based prioritization to a customer and ecosystem-based perspective
  • How operational resilience can deliver benefits beyond regulatory compliance

Ann Clark, Global Head of Business Resilience, Janus Henderson

Brian Zawada, Vice President of Strategy, Riskonnect
Julie Miranto, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Riskonnect