Healthcare provider organizations were at the bullseye of the pandemic. As providers of care, a pandemic was something most organizations planned for. But the size and scope of COVID-19 still appeared to catch many off guard, with endless news stories about equipment shortages and overburdened staff. To find out how the view looked from the inside, Riskonnect surveyed healthcare provider organizations about their response to the pandemic. Here’s a snapshot of the results:

More than half of respondents were “very satisfied” with their organization’s emergency preparedness for the coronavirus pandemic.

How satisfied are you with your org’s emergency preparedness?

The biggest challenge, reported by more than 4 in 10 respondents, was supplies.

“We had a pandemic scenario in our D&E plan, but it didn’t prepare us for the lack of PPE and the effect of government subsidies on our caregiver roster.”

In what areas would you say your organization’s challenges have been with the pandemic?

Despite more than 93% of respondents being at least somewhat satisfied by their organization’s pandemic preparedness, a majority (65.22%) expect major changes to result. The changes most often cited include increased use of technology (e.g., telemedicine, telecommuting), more safety measures to protect employees (e.g., social distancing, alternating work schedules), and diversification of supply chain.

What do you think your org’s post-pandemic situation will be?

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