Project Description

Fortune 500 National Healthcare Provider




Fortune 500 National Healthcare Provider


Ease of sharing and protecting insurance and risk management documents in a large, complex organization

Previous System

Microsoft Access, Microsoft Sharepoint, spreadsheets


The Risk Management Department needed a better way to store and share data, in a way that was both secure and easily accessible from anywhere.

Riskonnect Solution

Riskonnect RMIS includes integrated content management systems – Libraries and Content Delivery Packages

  1. Store and tag all shared artifacts in the Riskonnect system
    1. Documents
    2. Reports
    3. Images
    4. Videos
  2. Create libraries in Riskonnect to organize information, add an additional layer of access permissions, track downloads, collect comments and manage version control
  3. Configure libraries to an organization’s needs:
    1. Compliance
    2. Fronted Programs
    3. Property
    4. Projects
    5. Captive
  4. Tag and connect documents to records and other artifacts to affect cross reference
  5. Create tagging and naming standards to efficiently store an artifact in the library
  6. Artifacts available to everyone with access and can be granted with generation of a static URL
  7. Create a URL with an expiration date, in addition to password protection, to prohibit downloads
  8. Eliminates need to print or email sensitive documents
  9. Increased security of collections of documents in Content Delivery Packages – collection of various artifacts in the system for a  specific purpose, delivered electronically via URL and password
  10. Increased audit compliance with increased document security
  11. Create view-only content, with no ability to copy or download sensitive content

An extra level of security is provided to sensitive documents, as they are no longer printed or emailed. The multitude of insurance applications, quotes and binders are consistently organized and categorized, with the final versions stored in a secure library. There is no longer any need to travel with sensitive documents, as data can be accessed from anywhere.

The Risk Management Department staff and managers share dashboards that show the responsible parties, timeline and links to important documents, thereby supporting accountability. Riskonnect delivers consistency across the renewal process, yet still allows for program specific nuances. This enables an easy transition of responsibilities with minimal loss of effectiveness. The department is moving onto measuring broker performance and providing their company with insurance advisory services, instead of simply executing a renewal process.