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Riskonnect eComposer

Create mail merges out of system data and import into Microsoft Office formats.

ecomposer. Compose emails and documents with ease and run mail-merges for fast and safe information dissemination mail merge, ecomposer, edocs, esignature

Gather Your Important Data Efficiently

Easily Merge Data with Templates

Generate letters, documents, presentations and spreadsheets by gathering data and merging into a template. The results can be printed or emailed. In addition, the activity is logged in your system.

Riskonnect ecomposer, mail merge, email delivery
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Application Highlights

  •  Export to Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, Word and HTML email
  •  Include charts, graphs, dashboard components and attachments
  •  Create professional presentation material
  •  Flexible delivery options: Automatically deliver via email, download locally, store in Riskonnect, or use with Riskonnect eDocs and send the generated document out for signature

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