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Clients requiring multi-national coordination of data management utilize Riskonnect’s robust international features to manage global programs.

Manage Risks Globally

Remain Competitive Globally

In order to compete in today’s business environment, an organization has to be able to support processes across the globe. Riskonnects solutions are able to provide the mutinational abilities required to be successful worldwide.

Global Risk Management Solutions ensuring risks are easily managed efficiently on a global scale
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Application Highlights

  •  Enter a claim using local currency and let the system determine whether financials should be reported as entered or converted to a foreign currency based on a variety of criteria like employee nationality, accident location or business unit
  •  The powerful reporting, flexible workflow, business rules and unique toolkit may be configured to handle many client specific requirements – without writing a single line of custom code
  •  Each international division can enter, manage and report information in local currencies, while providing organization-wide reporting in a single common currency

Multilingual Solutions

Train users to access and enter information into one system, regardless of locale or language. Users can configure their personal setup to interface with the system in the supported language of their choice. Riskonnect has true multi-byte language support, which allows users to enter and store their data in any language. Each user may separately toggle to display application screen text, messages and online help in the language they choose.

Supported Languages Include:

  •   Chinese (Simplified)
  •   Czech
  •   Danish
  •   Dutch
  •   English
  •   Finnish
  •   French
  •   German
  •   Hungarian
  •   Italian
  •   Japanese
  •   Korean
  •   Polish
  •   Portuguese (Brazil)
  •   Russian
  •   Spanish
  •   Swedish
  •   Thai
  •   Turkish

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