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Chatter is about real-time communication and collaboration for Riskonnect user networks that help break down silos.

Real-Time Communication Across Your Organization

Intelligent Collaboration

Chatter is a new way to collaborate. The status of things like projects, claims, incidents or legal matters is automatically pushed to keep everyone in the loop. Users decide what and who to follow. Updates on people, claims, data, documents, and projects are delivered via real-time feeds. Chatter provides updates from standard and custom application data as well as integrated applications and external networks. Chatter lets organizations share information securely and collaborate instantly to gain insight and make smarter decisions.

Chatter by Riskonnect. A versatile feature of the leading risk management solution, ERM software. Allows quick and safe chats about risks
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Application Highlights

  •   Share securely and collaborate instantly
  •   Stay on top of what matters most
  •   Gain insight and make smarter decisions
  •   Share status updates, documents and feeds with colleagues

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