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Do you have the reports and analytics
you need to manage risk strategically?

Standard reporting is perfect for quickly generating regular reports with basic information. But what happens if senior management requests something more complex? Pulling the right data from multiple sources, applying sophisticated analytics, and corralling it all into a report can leave you scrambling to deliver the goods on time. And will you have the necessary insights to make the right decisions?

Insights Designed for You

Riskonnect surfaces, connects, and communicates risk information to drive faster, smarter business decisions. The software combines powerful analytics with intuitive dashboards and flexible report design tools. And everything is designed to be easy for anyone to use – no specialized data-science skills required.

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  • Keeps your finger on the pulse of key metrics with real-time data.
  • Shows the detail behind the dashboard with one-click, drill-down capabilities.
  • Helps direct your focus where it matters most.


  • Includes more than 100 templates for standard reports.
  • Builds flexible reports around your needs, using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Easily converts complex data into meaningful, highly interactive charts and graphs.
  • Can be set to automatically generate and share reports based on a calendar date or specific event.


  • Surfaces relevant risk information from wherever it’s hiding in your organization.
  • Connects risk information with other relevant internal and external data into a single, understandable source of truth to analyze, share, and collaborate around.
  • Performs self-service analysis on your data to discover trends and insights.
  • Provides natural interactive selection and filtering capabilities.
  • Runs comparative analysis, evaluates multiple prior valuations, and shows geospacial mapping.
  • Answers critical business questions in rapid succession according to your own path of discovery.
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Run assessments of any risk register with our quick and easy-to-use Monte Carlo analysis tool. Understand the exposure of a risk register for project decision-making.

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Measures and monitors key performance indicators, key risk indicators, and other important metrics to track how well your organisation is dealing with risk.

See how Riskonnect’s Insights can make your risk data come alive.

“With Riskonnect, we have one source of truth. We are able to provide reports to leadership in turnaround times that were previously unheard of. We can get it to them within hours, as opposed to days.”

Rey Kurpiers - Senior Business Risk Coordinator , Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

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