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Spending too much time chasing
down values for renewals?

Collecting current loss exposure information for an insurance renewal is often the bane of a risk manager’s existence. It might take dozens of phone calls, emails, and spreadsheets just to track down the information – then it all has to be reformatted, consolidated, and entered into the system. Meanwhile, time keeps ticking away.

Easier, Faster, More Accurate Values

Riskonnect’s Exposure Management software automates virtually every step of the values process so you can spend less time gathering information and more time analyzing what it means.


  • Captures data in a consistent format on user-friendly screens to make collection easy and accurate.
  • Validates data as it’s entered, and flags unexpected values for further investigation.
  • Collects values with customizable templates and survey-style forms into one central repository.


  • Provides secure web-based access to assigned collectors anytime and from anywhere.
  • Automatically generates emails with values collection assignments, and follows up with reminders about missing or incomplete information.
  • Tracks in real time what values have been submitted, and automatically sends progress reports.


  • Analyzes exposure data by location, values collection, and COPE (Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure) fields, and provides personalized visualization by location.
  • Provides quick charts to show values of specific locations over time and highlight important changes and trends year over year.
  • Shows all relevant data for each location beyond values, including claims, policies, contacts, file attachments, and notes, via the location management app.
  • Generates market-ready reports with one click.

Weeks of insurance renewals are now done at the touch of a button.

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