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Keeping tabs on all the moving parts involved with assessing risk, safety, and claim effectiveness is no easy feat. And if something critical is missed, your recommendations could be wrong, your action plan could be off, and you could be out of compliance.

Better Safety – and Compliance

Riskonnect’s Audit software tracks and monitors every step of the process for safety, claims, or field audits to ensure compliance, gauge progress, and evaluate results against past audit scores.


  • Guides you through the audit process in the field or at a desk using intuitive tools.
  • Configures assessments with custom checklists, standards, workflows, and scoring methodologies to fit your own regulatory requirements or internal best practices.
  • Automatically generates email notifications with task assignments, follow-up, and escalations to the appropriate party.


  • Visually indicates your progress on real-time dashboards.
  • Attaches images and files directly to the audit to provide a complete view of what needs correcting and what has been completed.
  • Shows outstanding action items, approaching target dates, and expected cost for completion.
  • Provides an overview of audits that are in progress or complete, and tracks all recommendations.
  • Stores and manages all audit-related data in a single, secure, integrated platform.


  • Documents safety hazards and out-of-compliance quality issues – and explains why they happened.
  • Allows facility managers to perform self-assessments – and the results can be compared to past audit scores.
  • Benchmarks safety performance by region and/or location.
  • Automatically distributes reports to stakeholders.

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