Real-Time Upgrades

With instant, real-time upgrades, all Riskonnect client users are always on the latest version of our platform.

Our upgrades don’t break your custom configurations has solved a very challenging problem – providing seamless upgrades, where all customizations keep working.  Custom code keeps working, whether it’s written by the customer or by third parties.

It’s an IT professional’s dream – clients no longer have to balance the desire to upgrade and take advantage of new features with the time and costs required to deploy software, redo previous customization and integration work, and train users on the new version.

Our upgrades don’t break your integrations

Because of the requirement for seamless upgrades, our multitenant service must maintain backwards compatibility with the API used for integration. You only have to integrate with the service once, and that integration will keep running-even as we upgrade the platform.

Rapid innovation

Because we can deliver new capabilities without impacting your deployment, the days of 18-month (or 5-year) release cycles are over. Instead, we deliver new capabilities three to four times each year.

Riskonnect Clients Benefit from Seamless Upgrades and an Army of Developers

Riskonnect’s Platform Partner,, invests $250 million annually in the platform. Riskonnect client users benefit from these quarterly, real-time upgrades, as well as from the development and configuration upgrades from the Riskonnect Professional Services team and our team of developers.