Client Support

dedicated support Dedicated Support – Within the Riskonnect service model, each client is assigned a dedicated Professional Services account manager with a support staff of data engineers, business analysts, and technical engineers who comprise the Client’s service team. Our client support representatives are among the most experienced in the industry. The support team is able to respond to most client requests with the best technical solution, as well as the most advanced risk management direction. With Riskonnect, there are no handoffs. Clients have a direct connection with the pe­­rson actually resolving their issues or handling their support requests.
risk mngt expert  

Risk Management Expertise – Riskonnect ensures that each request is handled internally, by risk management technology professionals. Our team has expertise in risk management, technology and business. Additional internal Riskonnect resources are readily available, if needed, to resolve a client issue. These resources include developers, data integration specialists, and other Professional Services staff. Riskonnect staff work closely, frequently collaborating to provide the best solutions for our clients.

long term relationship  

Long-term Relationship – Riskonnect Professional Services team members specialize in partnering with clients to find the best solutions for each client’s specific needs. This support does not end with implementation, but continues throughout the duration of the relationship.


Responsiveness – Riskonnect clients experience prompt response from the Riskonnect team. Support is available to assist with client requests as needed.


Process – Riskonnect has an extensive workflow-based support system for our clients. The system has automated escalation based on timeframes and criticality. Clients may communicate any support request with support representatives through phone or email. Primarily, however, support is often communicated via the Riskonnect Product Management tab and using the Riskonnect Chatter functionality inherent in Riskonnect products. These functions help ensure complete transparency, ease of access to support and prompt responses.