Riskonnect was recently featured by Risk & Insurance discussing why risk managers should take the lead in implementing an integrated data system for all parts of their organization and how to better harnessing the power of risk management data. 

Risk management isn’t what it used to be.

Risk managers, CFOs and corporate boards no longer have the luxury of focusing on a defined, static set of risks. Global risks proliferate in number, type and complexity, and the risk environment is changing at an ever-faster pace, why it is vital to being able to harnessing the power of risk management data.

In this environment, organizations must preempt if they can, and be able to adapt and react quickly if they can’t. Efficiency and proactivity aren’t just desirable, they’re essential.

“The approach to risk management needs to change. In addition to responding quickly as events unfold, risk managers need to have the tools to see what’s coming, and the voice to get the attention of senior leaders,” said Quin Rodriguez, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Riskonnect.

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