Riskonnect Partners

Together, Riskonnect and their Partners provide clients with industry-leading risk management applications and services that solve business problems and enable customers to maximize their risk-adjusted return opportunity. With Riskonnect and Riskonnect’s Partners, customers find subject matter expertise, insights, opportunity and connections that provide senior management teams and Boards of Directors with an intense focus on risk strategies and corporate performance management.

Collaboration with Partners increases the breadth of expertise and value propositions through specialized knowledge within the Riskonnect experience. It also helps maximize Riskonnect’s customers’ enterprise software investment. By partnering with Riskonnect, you are assured of expanding revenue and accelerating growth through new market opportunities, leveraging the suite of risk management applications and growing customer base.



Adobe helps businesses thrive in a world where media is pervasive, and where marketing increasingly is being held accountable for business results. They are the leader in delivering solutions that let customers produce, distribute, and realize value from great content, whether in media and publishing or in digital marketing.



Claimwire is the best in the workers’ compensation industry in providing a one-stop source for state forms and regulations, industry news and opinions and other workers’ comp resources.


The Riskonnect platform is layered with superior business intelligence technology and reporting capabilities powered by IBM, allowing for the delivery of the complete range of Business Intelligence capabilities from IBM Cognos solutions directly within Riskonnect RMIS: reporting, analysis, dashboarding and scorecards resulting in a solid foundation for integrating risk management with corporate performance management.

The Milliman Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Services practice group delivers an industry-leading portfolio of risk consulting services, such as enterprise risk design, test and build projects, operational risk assessments, ERM education and training and ERM technology evaluation.


Mitchell Regulatory Reporting Solutions – an automated reporting solution – provides industry-leading web-based reporting of FROI/SROI and medical bills to help clients lower claims reporting costs, increase claim accuracy, reduce manual processing and data entry and maintain compliance with state EDI reporting requirements.


Reed Group enables Riskonnect clients to seamlessly integrate return-to-work guidelines and disability durations, predictive modeling and benchmarking medical duration against industry standards and referential content (clinical reference information).


Riskonnect chose to build on the Force.com cloud-computing platform provided by Salesforce.com. We are proud of our model and believe it is the way of future technology development. It is this model that allows us to bring innovation to the risk management industry at a pace never seen before.



Willis Group Holdings is a leading global insurance broker, developing and delivering professional insurance, reinsurance, risk management, financial and human resource consulting and actuarial services to corporations, public entities and institutions around the world. Through our partnership with Willis Group Holdings, we offer Datawize_logo, an enterprise-class Risk Management Information System (RMIS) that gives companies of all sizes a better way to track, manage and control their risks and achieve better outcomes.