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TCOR provides benchmarking information to track the progress of the insurance program to reach the optimal level of effectiveness. TCOR is a tool for measuring the overall costs associated with an insurance program.

Total Cost of Risk, Insights, TCOR

Effectively Measure Overall Insurance Costs


  • Track TCOR components
  •  Record estimate and actual values
  •  Allocate TCOR to levels within your hierarchy
  • Comparison analytics (examples)
    • TCOR as a percentage of revenue
    • Identify TCOR as a percentage of profit
    • View TCOR as a percentage of payroll
TCOR, Total Cost of Risk, Cost of Risk. TCOR-Dashboard on top rated risk management software Riskonnect


  •  Easy reports and analytics
  • Defined performance metrics
  • Calculating cost risk management program benefits
  • Transparency and responsiveness to senior management

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