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Exposures Management

Accurate and current records of an organization’s exposure data are critical for insurance and for other financial reasons. The ability to track and manage these exposure values in one place as well as other key data ensures an auditable and accurate record. Recording and reporting on exposure information supports insurance negotiations, reporting and budgeting.

Properly Maintain Critical Exposure Information


  • Store Exposure History so that you can spot trends easily. All exposures are visible from the hierarchy record. Enter them at any interval (daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.).
  • Enter values as cumulative or incremental (for example, Monthly Sales Totals can be summed up for YTD values or Enter in the employee count each month and use the max exposure valuation to reference current employee counts).
  • Enter values on any level of the hierarchy.
  • Standard Exposure Values are Labor Hours, Sales, Headcount, and Miles Driven. Additional values can be added during implementation.
  • Exposure values could be loaded from a spreadsheet (by an Administrator using the Data Import Wizard) if the Hierarchy Code and Evaluation Date are captured. Other data collection options are available and should be discussed during implementation.
Benefits of an advanced risk management solution


  • Central repository of all current and historical exposure information
  • Quick modification of values for insurance and other reporting purposes
  • Aggregation from global sources in multi currencies provides quicker completion
  • Client controlled validation rules alert to significant changes in values
  • Credible, supportable statement insurers helps eliminate errors in valuations and surprise end-of-year adjustments

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