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Claims Audit Management

Evaluating how well a claims program has been structured, developed and maintained can be a daunting task. Strict oversight of all claims is impossible due to the sheer volume, so organizations must have the ability to accurately audit a representative sample of claims in order to assure that best practices are consistently followed

Consistent and Efficient Claims Audit Management


  •  Automated sampling capability
  •  Configurable audit questions and scoring
  •  Selected claims based on characteristics requested in your sample
  •  Create reusable audit templates
Benefits of an advanced risk management solution


  • Ensure compliance with service level agreements
  •  Identification and documentation of areas of improvement or functions
  •  Confirmation to the insurer/TPA the organization is paying attention to performance and has high expectations
  •  Notification to corporate representatives that their participation in the claims process is being examined as part of the audit process

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