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The administrative challenges of managing work absences can be overwhelming. Without an automated solution, keeping all parties involved on the same page and focused on getting the employee back to work in a timely matter requires an intense amount of manual follow-up. The longer an employee is out, the more costly it is and the more productivity is lost.

Help Employees Get Back to Work Quickly and Safely

Set and Monitor the Entire Process

Through the ability to easily connect all parties involved in an employee’s return to work process, goals can be aligned and tracked. This speeds up the process, allows the employee to get back to work, even if only in a transitional role, and eliminates the time and cost associated with finding a replacement. 

Dashboards on PC & Laptop for Global Integrated Risk Management Information Solution


  •  Managed disability through integrated Reed Group’s MDGuidelines
  •  Document tracking through Riskonnect eDocs
  •  Return-to-Work assessments
  •  Direct-cost saving calculator
  •  Assign matching transitional duties
  •  Automated email notifications
  •  Easy to understand graphics

Did You Know?


  •  Access to evidence-based data with more than 1,300 medical topics common to the work environment
  •  View important information about the relevant diagnoses including common treatment options and diagrams depicting the injury
  •  Access to medical diagnoses and any pre-existing data such as job satisfaction, compensation issues, and other psychosocial factors that can impact the speed of an employee’s return to work
  •  Access to current and industry-accepted guidelines on ICD-10 diagnoses
  •  Monitor each case as well as monitor the overall program’s success against your organization’s goals
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