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Patient Feedback

Patient relations is often a very small department with a very big job. Resolving complaints before they turn into grievances, claims and litigation or lower patient satisfaction scores can be overwhelming when paper systems or antiquated technology can mean that you’re half-blind and weeks behind patient experience and service recovery goals.

RMIS: patient feedback, patient satisfaction, visitor feedback, complaint feedback

Riskonnect Patient Feedback Management


  • Customizable feedback templates to easily create and edit forms as needed
  •  Patients and visitors can report feedback directly with their smartphone or tablet
  •  Real-time feedback notification via email or app alerts
  •  View satisfaction metrics as charts, graphs, tables and gauges on visual dashboards
  •  One-click drill through to quickly see the detail behind the dashboard
RMIS: Patient feedback, patient safety, patient satisfaction, visitor satisfaction, patient relations, guest relations


  •  Discover and address minor complaints more quickly, reducing escalation to grievances and claims
  •  Capture a greater percentage of more-perishable compliments and provide a more accurate view of patient satisfaction
  •  Improve transparency to patients, visitors and staff
  •  Reduce overall risk of adverse clinical outcomes and malpractice claims/litigation

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