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Employee Safety

Healthcare workers experience some of the highest rates of non-fatal occupational illness and injury and healthcare worker safety certainly has an impact on patient safety.

Enhance Your Employee Safety Management


  •  Patient, Visitor and Employee Safety
  •  Environment of Care
  •  Accreditation survey readiness
  •  CDC Infection Control standards
  •  Assign rounds to staff members and track progress and completion
  •  Rounding forms are customizable and mobile-enabled
  •  Easily incorporate standard as well as free-text responses
  •  Automatic notifications can be triggered based on rounding responses if desired
  •  Rounding results can be easily analyzed
  •  Corrective actions can be automatically assigned and their progress and completion managed
Dashboards on PC & Laptop for Global Integrated Risk Management Information Solution


  •  Improve rounding efficiency and effectiveness
  •  Manage your safety and quality related rounds, events, near misses and identified unsafe conditions in one system
  •  Save time, money and effort

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