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Regulatory Change

Regulations change. Getting notified about changes and understanding the effect of these changes is a specialist activity usually outsourced to highly focussed entities. Once the changes are available, the task then becomes “How do we enact these changes?” These changes require the appropriate people to carry out specific tasks within an agreed timeframe and assurance that these changes have been made.

Keep Up With Regulatory Change


  • Fully searchable documents when uploaded by words/phrases within the document
  • Existing relationships in system identify stakeholders who need to be notified of changes
  • Use of interactive PDFs with attachments facilitates sending of new documentation, with receipt and acknowledgement signatures
  • Tasks to detail what new activity is required, who does what and when.
  • Reporting and dashboards identify bottlenecks in update processes
Dashboards on PC & Laptop for Global Integrated Risk Management Information Solution


  • Single location for the regulations and regulation history
  • Automated interactive PDFs to distribute new regulations or changes and have recipients electronically sign and attest to receiving/reviewing/acting upon the changes
  • Dashboards and reports showing overall status and resistance points, with drill down

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