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Document Management System

The Document Management System (DMS) provides the latest technology to efficiently capture and manage the stacks of papers related to any business process.

Efficiently Capture and Manage Documents

Organize Important Documents

Combining hardware and online solutions, scanning, text recognition and attaching to records is a snap. Powered by Fujitsu, the DMS utilizes industry-leading scanning technology capable of capturing numerous documents. With its speed, ease of use and integration with Riskonnect solutions, the DMS provides significant time savings in the processing and storage of all hard copy documents into easy-to-search electronic documents.

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  • Scan all documents directly from the scanner, eliminating the need to scan to a computer, find the file and then upload to the system
  • Process up to 25 pages per minute, single- or double-sided with one pass
  • Auto-correct features such as document orientation correction
  • Powerful text recognition feature recognizes all text in the scanned document and makes this text searchable using global search function
  • The small device fits anywhere and has only one button

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