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Zipporah Kageha Karani

Zipporah Kageha Karani
Communications Officer
World Vision Kenya

Quelle est votre formation ?

BA in communications and media technology, Second Class Honors Upper Division

Saviez-vous que vous vouliez devenir un professionnel du risque ? Si non, quel a été votre parcours pour en arriver là ?

During my field visit in area development programmes to gather content for World Vision support offices, I noticed one or two issues that needed concern, change, and action. I would alert and inform my communications manager about lessons learned and recommendations from my field visit report. I would outline what needs to be done to change the reputation of the organisation. She would follow up with my requests to the regional managers. I have supported about four communication incidents reports. I was supported by the communications manager as I learned through the process. That was before I started and completed the Management of Reputation course. I have been trained in the Enterprise Risk Management software. I have learned that it is not an easy process, but with a commitment, you learn to understand how to manage a reputation for an organisation like World Vision. I am interested in risk and reputation issues as an individual and a career progression growth. I want to be one of the first-ever communications specialists to tackle any risk-related incident in World Vision. When given such an opportunity, I will ensure that I perform to the best of my ability. I want to gain a chance for me to build my capacity in terms of training others on how to identify risk and reputation that might affect our work as World Vision in the community.

Depuis combien de temps travaillez-vous dans le domaine du risque ?

I have supported communication incidents reports from 2016

Qu'est-ce que vous aimez le plus dans ce que vous faites ?

When I give back to the community to the most vulnerable children through the content I gather to ensure they get the support they need to give them life in all its fullness. To see a happy family with access to clean and safe water, health, and ensure children are well protected, and they have a good education. That gives me a pleasure of peace in my heart.

La gestion des risques a-t-elle changé au cours de votre carrière ? Si oui, comment ?

I learned the value of how to manage a risk. I can see myself in the near future using my knowledge and skills to sharpen my abilities on management of reputation. I think I am now valuable in that I can change the course of my career in risk. How to manage the reputation of an organization.

Quel conseil donneriez-vous à quelqu'un qui est sur le point de commencer sa carrière dans le domaine du risque ?

Be interested, be motivated, be agile about learning and growth opportunity, be passionate, be focused, and be a go-getter.

Avez-vous une devise personnelle ? Si oui, quelle est-elle ?

We have two ways to do things in life, you do good, and you achieve anything and everything you want in life, and bad and you lose everything.

Comment est votre vue ?

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