Future Ready: How to Get in Front of New Risks Facing the Public Sector

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The spectrum of potential risks faced by public entities is expanding beyond those covered by traditional insurance to climate change, natural disasters, cyberattacks, and more.

Many of the tried-and-true ways of managing risk simply are not equipped to handle this new reality, leaving many organizations completely exposed to unanticipated threats coming their way.

In this session, William Goodloe, regional sales manager, Riskonnect, and Mel Thomson, MA, ARM, ERMCP, risk management, City of Phoenix, will discuss how to proactively manage risk in the public sector to be ready for what’s ahead.

You’ll learn:

  • How the risk landscape is changing in the public sector, and what it means for your organization
  • The advantages of taking an integrated approach, and how to start managing risks holistically
  • How the City of Phoenix leverages risk technology to break down silos, streamline processes, and proactively manage risk

William Goodloe, Regional Sales Manager, Eastern North America, Riskonnect, Inc.
Mel Thomson, MA, ARM, ERMCP, Risk Management, City of Phoenix, Finance Department, Risk Management Division