Getting Started with ERM – How to Build a Strong Foundation

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Speaker: Rob Quail, Principal and Owner, Robert Quail Consulting

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Creating an ERM program is not a cookie-cutter exercise. An effective ERM program should be tailored specifically for your organization to complement and enhance other processes.

Design and implementation of an ERM program starts with understanding the overall governance objectives of the program, the role of risk taking in building and protecting the organization, the nature of key business processes within the enterprise, and the focus and competency of the organization.

In this webinar, ERM expert Rob Quail will discuss:

  • How to define ERM’s contribution to the success of the organization
  • What the potential relationship is between ERM and other key governance, decision-making, and performance-management processes and functions
  • How to obtain the support of executive management and other key decision makers
  • How to build out and continuously update a roadmap for ERM rollout and sustainment

Rob Quail, Principal and Owner, Robert Quail Consulting

Scott Fenstermaker, Director, Digital Marketing, Riskonnect, Inc.