Essential Connections for ESG Success

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In this webinar, we provide step by step guidance on how to manage communications and to collect and aggregate data for use throughout the ESG program, from initial design through delivery of reports.

It is obvious that ESG operations and report preparation demand communication across roles in many organizational departments and locations but knowing that doesn’t make it an easy problem to solve. You face challenges in locating needed data, analyzing it, and monitoring for changes that may drive a need to revisit your ESG risk management objectives or capabilities. The challenges come from the presence of siloed operations, weaknesses in overall data management in the business, and the “middleware” of people who can create roadblocks, either intentionally or just because they don’t know their assistance is vital to the ESG program.

Effective management of two-way communication is essential to get the buy-in needed from the many roles and departments that must ensure the right data is made available and contribute to the ESG report development process. Defining the ways that different roles and departments contribute is a critical first step. Providing an easy to understand and use communication tool designed to address each need comes next.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify ESG internal communication and data access challenges
  • Define the cross-functional ESG team
  • Outline uses of technology to address challenges

Elliott Yama, Head of Product Marketing ESG Risk
Carole Switzer, OCEG Co-Founder and President