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Ruby Tuesday: Intake Portal

Ruby Tuesday


Retail Food Services


Ruby Tuesday


Integrate and automate customer and employee feedback process.

Previous System

Legacy RMIS provider.


Ruby Tuesday manages approximately 20,000 customer and employee feedback forms on an annual basis; as a result of the highly manual process, the Guest Services Team regularly works overtime and the Manager has difficulty taking vacation. The Risk Department required a RMIS solution that would easily integrate with other business units in the organization in order to more fully realize their organizational risk strategy.

Riskonnect Solution

Riskonnect provided Ruby Tuesday with a total RMIS work platform, configured to meet their specific    requirements, and automated their new customer and employee feedback solution. Users complete their work from a smartphone, an iPad, or any other tablet with an Internet connection. The Riskonnect solution replaced the Feedback Page on their public website with one linked to a Feedback object in their RMIS. Now, all guest or employee comments are entered directly into the Riskonnect system, greatly improving efficiency and data quality. Guest Services staff can view new feedback comments as they come in, and they can immediately categorize and respond to them using fully integrated email functionality. Automations, via flows and buttons, assist in many functions, such as assigning records to users, cloning a record to allow for situations where a customer comment included two separate issues (such as a complaint, and a marketing issue), and closing or reopening a feedback record. Feedback from a guest or employee can be easily converted to a claim or legal action if needed, since all business operations are fully integrated on the Riskonnect Platform. In addition, Ruby Tuesday can quickly look up their locations and employees in the event property damage occurs or if employees are involved in complaints. 

Riskonnect’s cloud-based RMIS work platform replaced the client’s legacy RMIS for claims management, and all data transfers previously managed by the legacy RMIS were successfully integrated. Now, Ruby Tuesday’s disparate business units are united on one platform, and their users access data in a central repository for risk management reporting and analysis.   


The Riskonnect RMIS solution with custom Feedback page has successfully integrated all risk management business processes and Ruby Tuesday’s new Feedback Page for guest and employee complaints/comments. Automated business processes and the power of the Riskonnect solution resulted in significant man-hour savings. The Guest Services Team recognized a gain of 30 hours per week, per employee, and the team is now able to resume a regular 9 to 5 work schedule for the first time in 5 years. Employees report a tremendous reduction in stress and are happier with their productivity. With Riskonnect RMIS, Ruby Tuesday recognized a 76% reduction in fraudulent complaints due to their ability to easily research guests to identify repeat complainers.

“Our [Ruby Tuesday’s] transition [to Riskonnect] came and within two hours we were working inside of Riskonnect and we’ve never looked back. It has been the most dramatic, dynamic change to our team in the last 10 years.” -Valerie Dee, Manager of Guest Services

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