Problem: One of the country’s largest and most well-respected hospitals prides itself on quality of care and patient safety. The hospital challenged employees to think about patient and nonpatient care in new ways to ensure the facility is as safe as it can be. The goal was to eliminate all preventable harm by making employees more aware of safety issues and more responsible for improving conditions.

Solution: The hospital implemented Riskonnect ClearSight to facilitate reporting and analysis of safety events and prevent future errors. Since it can’t fix what it doesn’t know about, the hospital expects employees to report all events, whether a visitor slipped on the floor or a patient received the wrong medication. Employees can easily input the information into ClearSight using any hospital computer – and they can also make suggestions for improving safety. All suggestions – no matter how simple or complex – are given full consideration. Using ClearSight, the quality improvement team can then perform in-depth analysis on the events reported to refine processes and procedures or identify equipment to mitigate future risk.

Results: ClearSight has helped the hospital dramatically improve the quality of care. Safety-event reporting is at an all-time high, and harmful-medication events are at an all-time low. Data shows that the staff is willing to report events that will make their patients safer. And the software’s reporting capabilities have given leadership the ability to make informative and actionable decisions to eliminate preventable harm.