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With Thanksgiving approaching, and our annual user conference recently concluding, it seemed like an opportune time to discuss why we’re thankful for our clients.

Every year, the Riskonnect user conference serves as an opportunity for our clients and prospects to learn; network with peers; and explore new ways to use Riskonnect technology solutions. And while the goal of the conference is to help clients, we can’t help but feel like we benefit just as much—if not more—from our extended time together and the exchange of ideas that occurs.

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The annual conference is always a reminder of how lucky we are to work with such intelligent, collaborative and driven practitioners in all areas of risk management. So, as Thanksgiving nears, here are three reasons we’re thankful for Riskonnect clients:

  1. Expertise: It’s clear our clients and users know their “stuff.” Whether they are risk, claims or safety managers, or heed from departments like legal and compliance, we are continually blown away by our clients’ extensive experience and track records reducing the total cost of risk for their organizations. Their heightened intelligence not only makes them great at their jobs, but also helps us to be better at our jobs because of their willingness to collaborate.
  2. Collaboration: It’s true. Our clients’ expertise wouldn’t be of much value to us if they weren’t willing to share it. They are committed to helping us to expand our own risk management knowledge in order to further complement our technology expertise. At the same time, our clients are also eager to learn from us and amenable to trying new approaches to how they work, based on our insights and technology advancements. This level of collaboration is what makes us a powerful team.
  3. Innovation: Powerful teams, of course, spur innovation. Our clients’ risk management expertise and willingness to collaborate have allowed Riskonnect to innovate our solutions in a way that benefits them. At the same time, our expertise and willingness to collaborate have allowed our clients to be more innovative in their jobs and with their risk management programs. This translates into success for all stakeholders, and really is what drives our team members to keep coming back to work every day.

Here at Riskonnect, we truly are humbled to work with the best and brightest practitioners across all areas of risk management. While the annual user conference is a yearly reminder of why we are so lucky, we are also reminded on a daily basis during our interactions with smart, engaged and forward-thinking customers—and for that, we’re especially thankful.


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